Executive Director Carmelo Garcia, MSIS, IM, CPM, FHO

Carmelo Garcia currently serves as the Executive Director of the Irvington Housing Authority and has transformed the agency by providing it financial solvency, effective change management and proficient operations. His focus has been on improving the residents quality of life through transformational leadership and premier asset management strategies. Mr. Garcia was the Deputy Mayor/Director of Economic & Housing Development for the City of Newark who originated and championed the billions of dollars in investments and 13,000 residential units. Mr. Garcia is an expert in leading economic and community development, as well as public housing.  Previously he was the Executive Vice President and Chief Real Estate Officer of Newark's Community Economic Development Corporation.  

Carmelo has two decades of experience in economic development, real estate redevelopment, urban planning and government. He serves on the Rutgers Real Estate Advisory Board. His academic career includes a Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Seton Hall University, and graduate degrees from Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government, and Stevens Institute of Technology School of Science Information Systems and Management.  He also holds a Certification in Leadership from Cornell University and a Mini-MPA in Human Resources and Public Administration from Rutgers University. 

Carmelo was the first Latino Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority where he managed thousands of units and developed hundreds of affordable housing units in Hudson County, and created the award-winning, Vision 2020.  In 2001, he was the first appointed minority in Hoboken as the Director of Health, Human Services and Community development.  He has been recognized by Who's Who in New Jersey, and was recognized as a game changer by 365 Org and is a recognized popular speaker on urbanization & leadership.

Carmelo formerly served with distinction as an elected school board president for a decade at Hoboken Board of Education, and later was elected to the New Jersey State Legislature for the 33rd Legislative District representing Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken and Union City as an Assemblyman.  As a public servant he was a respected visionary and thought leader. He focuses on leadership-development, coaching teams and lecturing on topics such as wealth building approaches from the local, state and federal level.  He truly leaves a lasting impression on others and he defines his work through the mantra, "I Can, I Will, Watch Me…." and a similar statement for teams, "We Can, We Will, Watch Us…" Make a Difference.  He is outcome-driven and demonstrates through his life’s work that it is all about delivering results, transformational change and wins. He thrives on his network of partners and colleagues who believes in “getting started, go forward, and getting it done (G.I.D.) & Godspeed”!

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